Started in 2010, London HalfStack is a London-based JavaScript community. Monthly meetup events focus on general JavaScript and TypeScript topics and include all things interesting in the desktop and mobile web world. After the monthly talks, we meet at CodeNode or another pub for drinks and further discussions. Each November, we run an annual conference in a pub in the Shoreditch area. The conference focuses on UI-centric topics such as audio/video, data visualization and graphics, WebGL, speech recognition, Web AR/VR/XR, devices, games, and other inspiring talks. Talks will include a variety of modern front-end development topics (e.g ES6, TypeScript, frameworks, WebGL, web audio/video, WebVR, speech recognition, JS poetry, and much more) from leading speakers based primarily in London.

Event info

October 19 - November 16, 2018

London - United Kingdom

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